Here is where we will be building up information on local trails in San Luis Obispo.  Check back for periodic updates on general trail information and conditions.

Train Name:  Ping Pong

Location:  Los Osos, California (just outside of San Luis Obispo)

Type of Riding:  DH – Super D

Difficulty Level (1-5):  3

Description:  Ping Pong is a fun, fast trail that can either be ridden in a large loop or hiked up.  It is a nice short course of about 3 minutes and it has the unique feature of being one of the few trails that gets more fun to ride when wet.  (Photography By: Sean Sturman)

Kyle Wideman

It starts off near a gate at the top of a ridge and then gets into a few slippery wet rock faces and a steep section that has a nice ledge to check the bottom out capabilities of your fork as shown by Owen:

Owen Raybould

It slacks out for a little bit for a bit of pedaling and then gets into a super high speed wide open section of rough fire-road with a little gap at near the bottom.

Daniel Brisbon

Then there is an option line…  You can either go around to the right and take your chances with a white rock face that’s usually as slippery as snot on ice, or take a steep shoot that basically points straight to a flat section.  After that there is a bit of pedaling with some fun sandy corners and drops.

Leland O'connor

One of the reasons this is so much fun in the rain is because the sand that seems to suck all of your energy from you when dry hardens up and becomes much easier to ride on when wet.  The trail is relatively mellow from there on out except for a few large ruts that can swallow your soul if not cautious.    

Josef Duller

Warnings:  This is a multi-use trail so bells are a necessity!


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