Name: Jimmy Vukelich

Age: 23

How long have you been riding? Bikes my whole life, Downhill about 3.

What Brought you to SLO and where are you from Originally? Born in Santa Cruz by my two hippy parents and shuffled to the east bay area for a few years before I got down to the motherland and discovered the greatest invention on two wheels. Got a very expensive and drawn out engineering degree and now I have a big kid job in Portland.

What brands of bikes do you ride? 02 Kona Stinky (TANK) and an 05 Santa Cruz Chameleon. Looking for maybe a small upgrade in the DH department soon…OK, BIG UPGRADE.

What type of terrain is your favorite? I like my trails like I like my women, fast, hard and rocky. Maybe not so much rocky when it comes to women.

What is your favorite trail in SLO? Tower Trail, but not the hike.


What is the best song of all time to ride to? Shempi by Ratatat, or anything by Hall & Oates.

Any Specialties that you bring to the “team”? Face on the Stinky. Need I say more? Oh, and the ability to bring our team to the multi-state level since I moved to Washington. Just spreading the California style.

Anything else you’d like to add? Breaking your collarbone sucks. Stationary bikes don’t have suspension.


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