Name: Josef Cleetis Duller

Age: 22

How long have you been riding? Been riding since I was 16ish so 5 years.

What Brought you to SLO and where are you from Originally? I came to SLO for a schanzy mechanical engineering degree. Originally from Palo Alto, CA.

What brands of bikes do you ride? Trek Session 88, Santa Cruz Blur 4X and an Azonic Steelhead.

What type of terrain is your favorite? Anything but sand. No one likes sandy stuff.

What is your favorite trail in SLO? My favorite trail in SLO is Firebreak because I know it like the back of my hand.  Although FooFoo Bunny Circle has potential.

What is the best song of all time to ride to? “P-Nut Butter Breakdown” by Andre Nickatina.

Any Specialties that you bring to the “team”? I’d like to say that I’m consistent with my results but now that I’m saying this I’m probably going to start blowing up.  Thanks Fergilicous!

Anything else you’d like to add? Downhill is like brushing your teeth.  Keep it clean and you’ll shine.


2 responses

25 07 2009
Christy Heron

hi, someone emailed me with a calendar listing but i need more info…please email your upcoming events…thanks…

22 04 2010
The Gart


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