Name:  Garret Eggert

Age:  26

How long have you been riding?  12 years


What Brought you to SLO and where are you from Originally?  My Mommy and Daddy Bumped Uglies and made me.  Than I crawled out of the womb and into San Luis Obispo, yeeeaaa!!!

What brands of bikes do you ride?  SDSU Aztec Beach Cruiser (Racer Red Rims), Intense M3, Giant Trance’s, Specialized P3, Specialized Hot Rock 12”

What type of terrain is your favorite?  Hand in the Gnar Jar pulling out some Nastyness!!!!

What is your favorite trail in SLO?  Tower, wait, I mean Face.


What is the best song of all time to ride to?  I don’t know how to work my ipod

Any Specialties that you bring to the “team”?  Gart Whip

Anything else you’d like to add?  I like to play with trains


3 responses

17 09 2009
fuck fase


8 12 2009
anthony harris

7 07 2010

Best vid I’ve seen in a while!

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