Name:  Dan Baggs (Danbearpig)

Age: 25

How long have you been riding?  Got my training wheels off at the age of two, true story.


What Brought you to SLO and where are you from Originally?  I’m from Nipomo.  We have a great swap meet.  Went to SLO for the academic excellence of Cal Poly and for all of the rocks on the trails.

What brands of bikes do you ride?  dB Bike Co. and Intense.

What type of terrain is your favorite?  Red Rocks.


What is your favorite trail in SLO?  Face, of course.

What is the best song of all time to ride to?  Chainslap.

Any Specialties that you bring to the “team”?  Frame repair specialist.  We break it I’ll weld it.

Anything else you’d like to add?  I do not condone the use of the name “Dan Bear Pig.”


One response

3 06 2010
John Hofius

I’ve wanted to riding in the SLO area for years. Where are a few good places to start?

John H.

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