About Us / Rider Profiles

We are a small group of downhill riders on California’s central coast who are working towards domination of the national race series this season (2010).  Rite now our main focus is on racing and raising sponsors for our endeavors over the next year, but above all else, we are focused on riding and enjoying spending all the time that we can on our bikes.  The Team is made up of life long DH riders who have for some reason or another migrated to SLO or in some cases just never found reason enough to get up and leave.  In order to keep track of us and all of our various projects you can view our Events which has a calendar list of all of our planned events.

Click on each rider below to view their profile:

Nate Lewis

Josef Cleetis Duller

Owen Ragdoll Raybould

Jimmy Vukelich

Daniel Brisbon

Ian Ferguson

Leland Bambi O’conner

Garret Gart Eggert

Dan Baggs

Caleb Marmolejo

…and a hand-full of others

Managing the team will be another local DH rider, Chris Lee along with mechanic and uphill riding aficionado AJ.  Take some time to check out each riders profile and see what we’re all about.



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