Mob in Mojave 2010

4 03 2010

 Well this trip started out like any other trip to Vegas where we pack five guys (myself, Josef, Owen, Dan Brisbon, and Kyle Wideman) into a truck and drive for seven hours straight.  We arrived in Nevada around about 1 a.m. and were promptly pulled over by a police officer for doing absolutely nothing but having a truck full of guys, bikes, some foul smelling riding gear and a couple cases of beer.  Evidently it was because the pad the bikes were leaned over had drooped down over my license place obstructing it from vision, but after a few questions we were set free without a citation.  Our luxurious casino/hotel was located on the outskirts of Boulder City and was the casino/hotel equivalent of a bad dive bar with the average age of patrons ranging from the mid 50’s to 70’s.  As amazing as this place was we couldn’t wait to actually get to the race and ride our bikes. 

Ian Ferguson


Having left a day earlier we had an extra day of practice to play with, that was worth the late night drive because it was virtually empty and we were able to shuttle ourselves with my truck all day long.  The course was amazingly fun and started off all the way at the top by the top zip lines and then followed a canyon all the way down offering everything from technical rock gardens, high speed sections, jumps, and super flow-tastic g-outs and berms.  We met up with a few of my friends from Albuquerque New Mexico Vince, Tony and Yeti’s Chris Boice, which made for an even more amazing day of riding.  The only major mechanical of the day besides a slew of flat tires was the demise of my favorite pedals the original Shimano DX, which exploded when I came up a little short on a rock gap. 

R.I.P. Shimano DX

Saturday was another day of practice that ended up with multiple flats and a completely blown up rear shock for Kyle Wideman’s V-10.  After searching for a while he eventually gave up and decided that he would be riding the 6 inch travel VP Free he had brought along instead.  This seemed like a big deal but Kyle proved that it doesn’t matter what bike you’re on if you really know how to ride by putting in the fastest time in for Team SLO to the Bone with a 4:12 (in both runs) on Sunday.  Speaking of Sunday, we had a two run format so if you really screwed up your first run you could wait for 5 hours and do another one just before the sun set completely.  All of our first runs went well but no one had an amazing trouble free run.  I came to a complete stop before a small uphill section behind a rock that you aren’t supposed to be behind, but our second runs weren’t any better…  Ragdoll (Owen), to no ones surprise, ended up ragdolling down the steepest gnarliest rock section on the trail, I got a flat, Dan improved by 2 or 3 seconds, Josef lost a few seconds and Kyle had the exact same time. 

Kyle Wideman on the little bike


After the race we headed into fabulous Las Vegas for a night of ridiculousness, but I’ll save those stories for another time…  Overall, it was a great trip and a great race.  I would highly recommend going to the next Mob in Mojave and even just riding the trails available in Boulder City, just don’t count on your second run to be that great.  Thanks to everyone who put it on and thanks to everyone from Bike Works Albuquerque for helping out with tubes and other mechanical failures that plagued the weekend.    





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