Fontana Winter Series Round 1

11 01 2010

The second weekend in January this year was significant for three reasons.  First it was my birthday, second it was the beginning of the Winter Series in Fontana California, and third it was going to be my first official race as a “Pro”.  Although Fontana is not my favorite birthday celebration location the weather is almost always hot and sunny, even in January.  This makes for great riding and racing, as long as you don’t breath in the smog layer too deeply. 

Ian Ferguson

A group of us consisting of myself (Ian), Nate, Josef, Leland, Evan and Ashley headed out of SLO around 7 a.m. and made it into Fontana around the start time for practice on Saturday morning.  The track was amazingly fun although not as technical as it can be down there, it was fast and flowed very well.  We were all having a blast riding all day long and went back to Leland’s Aunt and Uncles house for a feast of Panda Express, beer, and the Anaheim 1 supercross race.   After watching another race dominated by James Stewart we were all pumped to win the next day. 

Photo by: Dale Hernandez

Sunday practice went well and the track was in great condition except for a last-minute course change on an off camber section out of a steep rocky area.  Nate and I seemed to be the only racers affected by this course change but we took a few more laps and learned to deal with it. 

Photo by: Dale Hernandez

In the finals everyone’s run seemed to come together pretty well except for mine, which had a few slide-outs in a couple slippery corners.  We all worked hard along “the wall”, which is a quarter mile flat sprint to the finish and the most miserable 30 seconds of your life, to come in with competitive times.  Nate was down to a 2:26 which put him in 7th.  Leland and Josef came in with 2:27’s putting them in 9th and 11th and I came in about 10 seconds later at a 2:36 setting me back to the middle of the Pro class.  Evan had a small fall in a corner that set him back to a 2:47 and Ashley came in 2nd in the sport women category.  All in all It was a lot of fun and a fantastic way to start off the series and the season. 

Photo by: Dale Hernandez

We are looking forward to the rest of the Fontana Winter series and encourage everyone else to join us as well.


(More pictures to follow…  Check back soon!)




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