18th Annual Southridge Challange (Fontana)

7 12 2009

Two weeks ago was the annual Southridge season closer race and SLO to the Bone made the trip down south.

Evan Bissel (Photo By Dale Hernandez)

The course was by far the rockiest course I’ve ever seen at Fontana which is a plus for our San Luis Obispo trained riding styles.  Practice on Saturday went well, Daniel and I took a handful of relaxed runs and talked with our buddy Evan Bissel about lines and what we were going to have for dinner.  Meanwhile our other buddy Brett Snyder was practicing the Sport course for his first non-weaksauce DH race!  All and all Saturday was a chill day of just riding our bikes.

Daniel Brisbon (Photo By Dale Hernandez)

Sunday funday- race day!  We all got up at the ass crack of dawn to sneak in a few more “refresher” practice runs before the race start at 10am.  Race comes around and we all ended up putting together some decent runs!  Evan and I were neck in neck but it appeared that he was hiding a line from me that was approximately a half second faster!  Evan took 10th and I was behind him in 11th (both in one of our first “Pro” races).  Daniel came through on the small bike with a 15th placing in Expert and Brett in Sport class with 16th place under his belt.

Josef (Photo By Dale Hernandez)

Brett Snyder (Photo By Dale Hernandez)

 -Josef Duller




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