Future Events and Garrett puts on a race!

11 09 2009

Garrett is moving up in life and has decided that he is going to be putting on a collegiate mountain bike race in good ol’ San Diego (Lake Morena, CA) on the 26th and 27th of September.  The event will feature XC, Super D, Short Track, DH racing and will be open to all USA Cycling members, not just collegiate.  So whether you are still in college, or you have already hit reality and begun a career, this will be a great event to come out to and enjoy.  For more information or just to heckle someone email Garrett at: eggsontoast@yahoo.com

The important thing to get out of this is that Garrett will actually be responsible for something other than just a nuclear power plant.  This also gives me a moment to show off our newest addition to the site, our events page.  This is where we will be posting all of our planned events for everyone to browse at their leisure.  If you are a racer this will be a good resource for you to check out periodically to see whats coming up along with the events listed on downhillnews.com.  So we hope you all come out to SDSU for their cycling event this month and continue to check out whats coming up for SLO to the Bone. 





One response

11 09 2009

Glad to see this picture made the page, yet small enough to hide the sharpie marker… nice job.

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