Injury part II!

20 08 2009

It wasn’t long after I read Ian’s BeefJerkyMangleFace story that I decided I wanted my name to be added to the list of injured riders. I mean, who wouldn’t want their name thrown in the mix with such greats as Bambi  (Leland), Owen, and Giggles (Ian). Well I decided to beat the heat of a terrible heat wave we were getting up here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and head out early one Saturday morning to two trails about an hour and a half from my place with a couple buddies. One of the trails I had never been to and the other I had only been once, but with the guidance of a fellow rider I work with we had good directions and found the trailheads no problem. We met up at a local gas station along the freeway at 5:30am and embarked on our trip.

             We had 2 great rides down the first trail and decided to grab some lunch and hit the second trail before it got too hot. We were having a great time and I was hitting some jumps and drops that I had hit the first time I was out there and trying some new stuff too. This is when things got bad. Heading into a stepup that I remembered coming up short on the last time I was there, I came in hot. I’ve never been the best at judging speeds for jumps so in true hucker fashion I over cleared the landing and ended up heavy fork, over the bars, and burying my shoulder into the ground like an NFL linebacker going in for the sack. The noise that culminated from my bike, my head, my shoulder, and the ground was atrocious. My first concern was, of course, my bike, which was fine except for a loose headset, a flat tire and a bent rim. I wasn’t so lucky. My shoulder was in pain and I knew I had at least fractured my collarbone. We headed back down to the car, packed up our stuff and headed home. The next day I was informed by the X-ray tech at the urgent care that I had indeed broken my right clavicle in half. The doc says anywhere from 6-12 weeks for recovery, but after 2 and a half I have been able to keep my legs in shape a bit and ride the paved trails around town.  

            Because of this injury I missed the last two DH races close to me and my last hope at getting a race in this season is Northstar in October. Although I am bummed about not getting in those last two races what kills is that I have a room full of bikes and I can’t even ride a fire road or bunnyhop a curb. I have also realized how hard it is to do your day to day with one arm, especially when it’s your strong arm that is injured. Have you ever tried to brush and floss with your opposite hand? Cook? Clean? Dress yourself with one hand or tie your shoes. It’s a good thing I have a great girlfriend around to help with all of this otherwise I could be eating hot pockets for a month. Now I hope that our bad juju has passed and if there is anything we can do to please the biking gods I’ll do it. I’ll sacrifice a goat or neighborhood cat if it means no more injuries. Let’s train hard this winter so we can stay healthy next season. Out.






One response

24 08 2009

hey sorry to hear the bad news bout the collar bone. but at least i can say i had to live life with my none dominant hand….three times. haha, and yea its not fun but at least u’ll be more ambidextrise afterwards. good luck jimmy with a quick and smooth recovery.

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