15 07 2009

Once you get to the upper level of any form of racing let alone downhill mountainbike racing, you get to speeds that can either be awesome and fun or not so awesome and fun depending on the circumstances. Well, speed got the best of me on Sunday while getting ready for the National Championships in SOL VISTA, Colorado. I had an incident with a pile of rocks that infiltrated the facemask of my helmet and violated my face in a way that was extremely unpleasant for myself and my facial tissue. I split my upper lip wide open and had a nice gash in the side of my mouth not unlike the Joker from Batman. Fortunately, I have all of my teeth and they are still in their original location, so that along with my nose being approximately the same placement and proportions made the pain in my mouth almost tolerable. My right hand is also “possibly fractured” according to the ER doctors diagnosis, for a few extra bonus points.

There has been a few of our riders (and our manager!) who have been off the bike for a while due to various injuries this season.  Leland, Owen and myself in particular seem to have been badly plagued by constant injury riding even the simplest of trails or even just riding on the street in some cases.  We have been trading off injury and I think the combined total of our riding time could be done in one weekend by either Nate or Josef.   

So this leaves me here where I’m bummed about missing out on National Champs, but even more bummed that I am unable to ride a bike for a while. It makes me appreciate both my ability to ride whenever I get the itch and my amazingly good looks that are now somewhat threatened.  It does happen every so often and it is a part of the game in any sport.  Hopefully we will avoid such incidents for the remainder of this season and continue the winning streak on into next season.






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28 07 2009

That sucks hope you are feeling better.

4 08 2009
Alison Rerynolds

Ian!!!!! That doesn’t even look like you! The face only a mother could love! Be sure send send an “after” picture too so that I don’t have nightmares about you looking like that permanently! I hope you are healed now!!!

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